Stranger Things Season 4: Watch, Release Date, Cast, Explained

We got an early stranger thing season 4 trailer, not trailer we can say teaser. But Anyway we’ll break it down, there are a couple of big mysterious things in this and we know a little bit about what’s happening with the season 4 storyline.

Because the kids are aging up so quickly within another year or two they’re gonna look like teenagers.

Stranger Things Season 4


So this does seem like it’s going to be one of the final seasons of the show. They might do season 5 but they just signed a new first-look deal at Netflix with the duffer brothers to develop other shows.

So unless they have a big spin-off of stranger things planned it sounds like they’re planning on moving away from stranger things. After they’re done with season 4.

But as you see the trailer of Hawkins slowly turning upside-down. And you see the camera pan out a little bit with that season 4 logo flash up.

You see a clock counting down to midnight with the tones starting to chime that’s a reference to the Doomsday Clock.

This is all about the countdown to total annihilation there was a turn of the guy used a lot during the Cold War Between the Soviet Union in the USA.

Season 4

Netflix has released the season 4 teaser. But we are unable to make any predictions about what is going to happen in season 4. They didn’t reveal much. We can hope that it will be mind-blowing.

Eleven and Mind Flayer

Obviously, in the context of stranger things is all about the final battle between Eleven in the mind flayer will their battle tear apart both dimensions mutually-assured telekinetic psychic destruction.

But the trademark upside-down organic material growing over everything the blue colouration the tagline implied. That the final battle will take place inside the upside-down even though. We’ve travelled there a couple of times in Eleven got trapped there.

Between season 1 and season 2 aside from Will being trapped in there for the entirety of season 1. None of the other characters has spent a really long period inside the upside-down. They’ve only been in there briefly that’s why Will has that weird connection to the mind flayer.

So even though he doesn’t have special powers the way that Eleven has special powers. Even though technically her powers aren’t working right at the end of the season.

I’ll address that in a second. he does have sort of this precognition for the mind flayer coming for them. He knows when it’s around or when it’s about to attack and that’s really useful when you’re trying to avoid or trying to fight it.

But because that scene, in the end, the tag line is also a reference to Russia field trip.

Because I feel like we’re all on the same page that the Americans that the Russian guards are talking about income Chaka Russia.

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Hopper Stranger Things

In the secret Russian base is the hopper and he was captured at the end of the season and that big explosion when everyone actually thought that he died.

Because there was nobody but apparently the reason there was nobody is because the Russians captured him. When they were trying to escape there’s a lot of missing time in between that explosion.

When you actually see them walking around looking for bodies and actually trying to find people. The military has since been down there to inspect.

But there is a lot of unaccounted for time for those Russians to grab hopper and getaway or at least a couple that survived the explosion. The brand-new white Demogorgon comes out to eat this Russian prisoner at the end.

It’s just more confirmation of that because how would they get a Demogorgon? If they weren’t the same Russians from Hawkins. I think Russians were secretly trying to open their own gate.

There are many places around the world where the barriers between dimensions are weak.

But the only people in the world that were actually successfully able to open a portal were the people in Hawkins. Because of Eleven’s accident because she was so much more powerful than the other psychics.

That was popping up around the world. So even though it seems like the doctor and all those people during season 1 had this very special program.

You had to imagine that the Soviets had the exact same group of people. That they were testing trying to create their own version of Eleven.

But they weren’t as successful that was the whole reason for the Russians to come to Hawkins and secretly build a star court mall.

So that it could be covered for them using the Hawkins portal. So if the kids are gonna go fight the mind flayer on its home turf inside the upside-down.

There are only a couple of places they can use to get to the upside-down. One that can go back to Hawkins.

Like they say we’re not at Hawkins anymore. Technically they do have to come back to Hawkins to use the portal at the Hawkins lab or if some of them are going to travel to Russia? That Eleven could try to open the Russian portal herself.

They were unsuccessful when they tried it themselves but they didn’t have eleven. Eleven only accidentally opened the portal for the first time. When she was using her power to try and reach someone that was all the way across the world in Russia.

They were trying to use her to spy on the Soviets. So they actually have already been to Russia on the TV show. It’s just that they haven’t used those flashbacks where eleven is using her mind to reach out to Russia.

Update: Netflix released a teaser of Stranger things 4. where we saw that hopper is alive and he is Russia. You can read a detailed article on why hopper is in Russia?

Can Eleven Find Hopper?

She might actually be able to see hopper doing that same trick too as for Eleven losing her powers at the end of the season. That’s just a result of them closing the gate between dimensions she has sort of this weird link with the mind flayer in the upside-down.

So I think that the minute that they open a new portal to the upside-down. Her powers will just automatically turn back on and then when they defeat the mind flayer inevitably at the end of the season. Then her powers might permanently go away talking about Big Ideas hero’s journey.

Sacrifices of Eleven

Eleven will have to sacrifice something in order to defeat the mind flayer and usually, that means sacrificing your life. But I think the whole idea of the show it’s a little more hopeful. It actually wants Eleven to get the things that she wants for herself.

She wants a normal life. So what would she sacrifice? She would probably sacrifice her powers in order to defeat the mind flayer.

So early prediction they’re successful in defeating the mind flayer at the end of the season. Then her true reward at the end of the season is getting to live that normal life.

That she’s always wanted. I haven’t heard anything about spin-offs. Yes, they could drag this out to Season 5. but I don’t know like the kids are just getting so old.

Look at how much different they look between season 2 in the two-year time jump that it took to get season 3 episodes. When they went on that great break.

And they had to sign all those new deals and pay all this extra money all the kids got giant pay raises.

There was talk of doing seasons three and four back-to-back to avoid any potential delays and issues. That will require them to use De aging technology to make the kids look younger.

If you saw the IT movie and then in Chapter two. They actually had to do that with some of those kids. They had to de-age kids. When they got to it chapter two.

Because of two years ago by when they started filming it. So they looked way older than they did during it chapter one. The flashbacks were supposed to be to that time period.

So there were always continuity issues. So that’s why you try to move really fast on new seasons. When you have child actors pretty safe bet that.

They’re gonna drop season 4 episodes on the fourth of July weekend next year. Just like they did this year. They really like that summer holiday weekend in related Netflix news.

Thank you so much for reading this blog everybody stays awesome. I’ll see you guys in new fresh articles.

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