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Billy Hargrove, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, was the main character of Stranger Things. He served as the secondary antagonist in the second season and one of the two main antagonists in the third season.

Billy Hargrove Stranger Things

Billy is the son of Neil Hargrove and an unnamed mother in California. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother. Billy had a passion for surfing as a kid, and his mother was very supportive of him. He has fond memories of her standing on the beach watching him surf.

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Billy’s mother abandoned him sometime later when he was about ten years old, due to Neil’s behavior. Neil eventually married Susan Mayfield, mother of Max Mayfield, who was introduced to Billy as his “new sister” which he did not like.

Neil’s abuse towards Billy turned him into a childhood bully, and he is seen in his memories beating up other kids.

In 1984, Billy and his new family moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana, and he began attending Hawkins High School.

1984 Billy

Billy arrived at Hawkins High School in his blue Camaro with his stepsister Max.

As Max skateboarded towards Hawkins Middle School, Billy got out of his car and was noticed by several students including Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as well as three other girls who admired his figure.

On October 31st, Billy waited to pick up Max from school. When she arrived, he chastised her for being late and said next time it happened she would have to skateboard home.

On the way home, Billy noted that Max seemed to enjoy their new town despite her denial of this.

Billy then asked her whose fault it was that they had to move to Hawkins; Max muttered that it was his. Billy was enraged by this comment and began speeding and yelling.

Billy then threatened to run over Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair as they were cycling home. Max grabbed the steering wheel and swerved to the other lane to avoid collision with the boys.

That night, Billy attended Tina’s Halloween party and impressed many Hawkins teenagers by winning a drinking contest; a contest that Steve Harrington, a very popular student at their school, had up until then claimed the title of.

Billy quickly gained Tommy H. as a friend and lackey. Tommy H. then introduced Billy to Steve Harrington. Although the introduction was brief, it ignited a rivalry between Billy and Steve.

Billy joined the school basketball team and played against Steve, demonstrating skill and strength over him. Billy’s team won easily against Steve’s team. That day, Billy was waiting for a date in his car for Max to come.

However, Billy got annoyed waiting for Max and left with his date, being angered further when his date called Max his sister.

When Billy next played Steve in basketball, he and Tommy wound him up about his failing relationship with Nancy while in the showers.

Billy also made Steve unnerved by giving him questionable advice about girls in general and that “there are always other bitches”.

One day, when Billy was waiting to pick Max up outside the middle school, he witnessed an argument between Max and Lucas Sinclair, which left Max visibly upset. Billy questioned Max if she knew him, and Max denied knowing Lucas.

When Max got into his car, Billy told her that there are people in the world who she should avoid and that Lucas was one of them. Max tried to stand up for herself, but Billy tightly gripped her arm and reinstated his command.

As they drove home, Max quietly cried. Billy was further angered by Max when he saw her with Lucas a second time at the arcade. Max tried to convince Billy that she wasn’t hanging out with Lucas, but she fails to convince him.

Billy then reminded Max of what happened when she lied, possibly breaking her skateboard as punishment.

Later that day, Billy was lifting weights and listening to loud music while Max was trying to fix her skateboard.

Max later left with Lucas without Billy knowing. His father and step-mother arrived home later that night as he was preparing to leave on a date. When his father and step-mother found Max gone from the house, his father angrily questioned Billy where his step-sister had gone.

Billy replied he didn’t really know where she went before stating that he didn’t acknowledge Max as his family. Infuriated with Billy for his behavior and for disrespecting his stepmother, his father pushed him against the wall, called him a ‘faggot’, and hit Billy.

He then ordered Billy to cancel his date and find his step-sister. After his father and step-mother left, a few tears escape his eyes, showing the abuse Billy endured at the hands of his father deeply affected him.

Billy first went to Sinclair’s house to look for Max. Unable to find her there, he then left for the Wheeler residence. Mike‘s mother, Karen, having just gotten out of the tub because her husband wasn’t answering the door, greets him and Billy flirted with her before getting the directions to the Byers residence, the hangout for the boys.

Billy drove to the Byers residence, finding Steve and the rest of the kids there. Billy pushed Steve away and threatened Lucas to stay away from Max, and in response, Lucas kicked him in the groin. Before Billy could harm him, Steve intervened.

Steve then initiated a fistfight with Billy who had the upper hand initially before Billy recovered and started brutally beating Steve to the ground. Max, having had enough, drugged Billy with the syringe taken from the lab (probably containing sodium thiopental) and made Billy promise to leave her and her friends alone.

Billy Powers and Abilities

Billy gained inhuman abilities after becoming one of the Mind Flayer’s Flayed. Though most of these are typical abilities gained from being a flayed, he’s shown to possess higher abilities then most other flayed seen in the show

Hive Mind: As one of the Flayed, Billy is connected to a hive mind where he is able to communicate to and share the pain of other Flayed.

Enhanced Strength: After being activated by the Mind Flayer, Billy was able to bust out of the sauna room that he was trapped in with pure force. He was also able to temporarily resist Eleven’s telekinesis and throw a heavily weighted barbell at her with ease.

Enhanced Durability: Another ability he had gained after becoming one of the Flayed was that he was able to take hits and blows that a normal human would not be able to. He was able to recover from getting hit in the head with a metal barbell in seconds and was able to escape even after being thrown through a brick wall with considerable force, caused by Eleven.

Perception: While being controlled by the hive mind, Billy was able to sense Eleven’s presence while she was using her mental remote viewing ability. This is something that most other Flayed in the series hasn’t shown, suggesting that he may be the only Flayed that possesses this ability.

Billy Biographical Info

NameBilly Hargrove
OccupationLifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool (formerly)
Student at Hawkins High School (formerly)
Age17 (season two)
18 (season three)
Height5’10” (178cm)
ResdenceHawkins, Indiana (1984 – 1985)
California (1967 – 1984)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDirty blond

Billy Relationships

Neil Hargrove

Neil is Billy’s father. Neil is abusive towards Billy, both physically and verbally threatening him. His father’s abuse is visibly distressing for him and is likely the source of his violent behavior as he abused him and his mother. After Billy’s mother’s departure, Neil was free to abuse Billy, even more, giving him a violent, abusive nature as well.

Unnamed Mother

Unlike his father, Billy seemed to have a good relationship with his biological mother when he was young. She always supported and encouraged Billy’s dreams to be a surfer. Billy loved his mother dearly as he tried to protect her from his father’s abuse.

However, after his mother finally had enough of the abuse and left, Billy was heartbroken and tried to get his mother to come back, but to no avail. When his father remarried, Max became an easy target for his anger. After being reminded of his mother and her beauty by Eleven, Billy cried, showing deep down he still loved his mother.

This memory and love for his mother, made Billy sacrifice himself to the Mind Flayer and apologize to Max for abusing her as he died.

Susan Hargrove

Susan is Billy’s stepmother. Billy shows no warm feelings towards Susan, and she is a silent, unresponsive witness to the abuse he suffers at Neil‘s hands.

Max Mayfield

Max and Billy are stepsiblings, sharing a complicated history and difficult relationship. Billy would often treat Max in a controlling, domineering fashion. Billy also does not like it when people refer to Max as his sister, which amplifies his contempt for her.

It was later revealed that Billy despises Max because he blames her and her mother for his own mother’s departure after she and his dad divorced. After sacrificing himself to save Eleven and eventually Max and the rest of her friends from the Mind Flayer, Billy apologized to Max for abusing her as his stepsister sat by his side as he died.

Steve Harrington

Shortly after his arrival, Billy started a rivalry with Steve, surpassing him and claiming his title as “King” of the high school. In “The Gate” their rivalry turned violent when Billy discovered that Steve was trying to prevent him from seeing Max. He brutally beat Steve, injuring him considerably, and was only stopped by being sedated by Max.

Tommy H.

When Billy began to outperform Steve, Tommy gladly became Billy’s lackey. It remains to be seen if Billy cares about Tommy in any capacity.

Lucas Sinclair

Billy developed a hatred for Lucas Sinclair for being near his stepsister. Billy ordered Max to stay away from Lucas and Lucas would learn of Billy’s abuse towards Max. When confronted by Billy at the Byers House, Billy attacked Lucas for being with Max, but Lucas fought back by kicking him in the groin.

It angered Billy, but he was stopped from attacking Lucas even more by Steve Harrington. Lucas was even surprised when Max sedated Billy and threatened him to leave her and her friends alone; Lucas included.

A year later, in 1985, Lucas helped his friends confirm whether Billy was possessed by the Mind Flayer by trapping him in a sauna. When Billy tried to attack Max, Lucas saved her by flinging a rock at him with his slingshot.

After Billy was confirmed to be possessed, Lucas wanted to find him and burn the Mind Flayer out of Billy but was reprimanded by Mike who said they’d also need to stop the Mind Flayer.

While trying to escape Starcourt Mall, Lucas and his friends were nearly run over by a possessed Billy until Steve and Robin Buckley managed to save them.

Then, as Lucas fought the Mind Flayer with fireworks, Billy felt the Mind Flayer’s pain. It is unknown how Lucas felt when Billy sacrificed himself to protect him, Eleven, Max, and the rest of his friends from the Mind Flayer.

Heather Holloway

Heather was Billy’s co-worker at the Hawkins Community Pool. The Mind Flayer used Billy to kidnap her and make her and her family become part of the Flayed.

Dacre Montgomery Wiki

Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey is an Australian actor. He was born on 22 November 1994. Best known for his role as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things.

Montgomery’s first acting role was the character of Fred in the short film Bertrand the Terrible. He went on to portray Jason/The Red Ranger in the Power Rangers reboot.

Dacre montgomery Wiki
NameDacre Montgomery
Born 22 November 1994
Age25 years
Height1.78 m
CitizenshipAustralia, Canada, New Zealand

Montgomery was born in Perth, Western Australia, to Canadian mother Judith Barrett-Lennard and New Zealander father Scott Montgomery-Harvey. He has one younger sister, Saskia. His parents worked in the screen industry in Australia.

Dacre began performing on screen and in theater at the age of nine. Montgomery attended Mount Lawley Senior High School in his hometown. When Montgomery was in Year 12, his fellow students voted for him to be “The most likely student to become a Hollywood star” in the annual yearbook.

Montgomery continued his studies in the dramatic arts throughout his secondary schooling. Montgomery completed his acting degree at WAAPA at Edith Cowan University in 2015.

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