Stranger Things Season 4 Casting Call – All you Need to Know

Do you want to be on Stranger Things? Well cool, I got the information for you. I thought it was a cool concept because they’re all out there and sometimes it could be hard to find but yeah this is for stranger things season four. and I’m not gonna read this all for you the link is gonna be down below.

Casting Call

So you can read with the parent and y’all can make a decision together if you don’t want to do this but I thought it’d be cool to give you some basic information so you can get a general idea of what this is about.

Especially if you’re just a random stranger things bad that’s trying to put things together.

So the first thing you should know is that Stranger Things is filmed in Georgia. So this casting company is called casting TaylorMade and they’re set in Georgia. And if you don’t know how casting agencies work.

Well, if there’s a film or TV series in the area and they need extras. They go to a local casting agency and the casting agency will send them extras to just you know being a background.

stranger things season 4 casting call

But of course it’s paid okay. Second thing this is for minors 0 to 17 so if you’re older I’m not sure you could do it but maybe you’ll be able to slip your do the cracks. I mean if you can cool.

All right next thing that you should know is that they’re asking for something called a GD o L and it’s something that you have to apply for it in the state of Georgia.

So I don’t know specifically if it’s saying you need to be a resident and get this to act in the state or you can be from somewhere else and then go and act there. So this is gonna be something you have to figure out for yourself.

Because I’m just a messenger. Now the next interesting thing that I really want to tell you guys is that.

They’re asking if you’re willing to either have your hair cut or perm and if you don’t know what a perm is? It’s just something that chemically alters your hair to make it curly.

Because you know Stranger Things is set in the 80s and 80s is all about big poofy hairdos. But if your hair is already curly they’re not gonna premiere here. Because there’s no point your hair is already Kruti.

Alright, guys, I thought I wanted to share this information for you. Because I thought this would be a cool thing for people to get I mean who wouldn’t want to gig on Stranger Things and to be on Netflix.

That’s cool in itself so if y’all guys try out for this let me know. If you have any more questions leave them down below but I promise you I won’t be able to answer them because I’m not an Atlanta guru I’m not a Georgia guru and I probably won’t be able to answer all these technical things for you. So Thank you

> Stranger Things Casting Call: Click Here

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