Doris Driscoll Stranger Things: Age, Flayed, Actress, Relations, Wiki [2020]

Doris Driscoll was an elderly resident of Hawkins, Indiana. She was portrayed by Peggy Miley.

On the night of June 29, Doris called The Hawkins Post complaining about rabid rats. Instead of a reporter, Nancy was the one who answered the phone and ultimately decided to investigate Doris’s case without the permission or knowledge of her boss, Tom Holloway.

Doris Driscoll Stranger Things
NameDoris Driscoll
Age80 (season three)
DiedJuly 4, 1985
Relationship StatusWidowed
Other RelationNancy Wheeler (former friendly acquaintance)
Jonathan Byers (former acquaintance)
“Diseased” Rats (enemies)
FamilyJack (husband; deceased)
AliasesMrs. Driscoll (by Nancy Wheeler)
OccupationLikely retired
Residence4819 Cornwallis Rd,
Hawkins, Indiana
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorGrey

How She get Flayed?

The following day, Nancy and Jonathan visited Doris at her home while under the guise of being reporters from the Post. Doris took them down to her basement, where she explained that the rats had eaten several bags of fertilizer that she had stored.

She then showed them one of the rats that she had captured, which was moving frenetically around its cage. After Jonathan and Nancy left, the rat exploded into a moving pile of biomass that escaped its cage. Shortly afterward, Doris was possessed by the Mind Flayer, becoming one of The Flayed.

Nancy and Jonathan returned to her home the following evening in order to retrieve the diseased rat. When she didn’t respond to their knocking, they entered her home, only to find her in the basement eating fertilizer.

They promptly called the police and Doris was taken to Hawkins Memorial Hospital. As the ambulance carried Doris away, she cried that she had to “go back,” as the ambulance passed Brimborn Steel Works, the hideout for the Mind Flayer.

At Hospital

At the hospital, Doris was visited by Nancy after she was convinced by her mother she should continue the investigation, only for the Mind Flayer to take control of Doris, as she wailed demonically with black veins appearing all over her skin.

Nancy, shocked at the sight, realized that Doris’s condition was similar to that of the possession of Jonathan‘s younger brother, Will and that the Mind Flayer had returned to Hawkins.

As Nancy, Jonathan, Will, Mike, Eleven, Max, and Lucas investigated the Holloway house, Nancy remembered Doris crying that she had to “go back,” realizing that the possessions of the Mind Flayer are taking place at a certain area. The group then go to the hospital and let Doris lead them to the source of the Mind Flayer.

However, when Nancy and Jonathan arrived in Doris’s room, she was nowhere to be found and were instead confronted by a possessed Tom Holloway and Bruce Lowe who’d set a trap for them.

The two teenagers fight and kill the Flayed men, where their corpses melt and combine to create a monster. The monster almost kills Nancy before she’s saved by Eleven with her powers, forcing the creature out the window before it escapes and becomes part of the Spider Monster.

Spider Monster

On July 4th, Doris was summoned to Brimborn Steel Works by the Mind Flayer. There, she, along with all of the other Flayed, was melted into biomass and absorbed into the Spider Monster.


Prior to her infection, she appeared to be a somewhat eccentric but friendly and kind old lady. Mrs. Driscoll wanted an explanation as to why the rats in her cellar were eating her fertilizer, and was proactive in calling The Hawkins Post to report the potentially diseased animals.

She showed enough bravery and skill to capture an infected rat in spite of her belief they were carrying rabies. However, she seemed to also be a bit paranoid, as Tom Holloway claimed that she believed in conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.

Who plays the Doris Driscoll Character?

Peggy Miley is an American actress who portrays Doris Driscoll in the third season of the Netflix original television series Stranger Things.

Peggy Miley is an American actress and writer. She has played supporting roles in films such as Alice, The Little Princess, Bandits, The Back-up Plan, and Primary Colors. She played Doris Driscoll in the web television series Stranger Things.

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