Funshine Stranger Things: Actor, Age, Height, Relations, Wiki [2020]

Funshine is a recurring character in the second season of Stranger Things. He is a member of Kali‘s gang.

At some point, Funshine met Kali and became a member of her gang, along with Mick, Axel, and later Dottie. The gang would pursue and kill the people from their pasts who had wronged them.


On October 29, 1984, the gang had traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After they successfully killed one of their targets, they were quickly pursued by the police.

After entering a tunnel, Kali used her abilities to manipulate an officer into believing the tunnel had collapsed, allowing them to get away by causing a massive car crash. The gang then fled to Chicago, residing in an abandoned warehouse.

Funshine Stranger Things
BornLate 1950s or Early 1960s
Other RelationsKali Prasad (friend/accomplice)
Dottie (friend/accomplice)
Axel (friend/accomplice)
Mick (friend/accomplice)
AffiliationKali’s gang

When Eleven came to the warehouse in search of Kali, Funshine watched as Axel threatened her with a knife after she had revealed an image of Kali she possessed.

After speaking with Eleven, Kali decided that they should use Eleven’s powers to pursue another target. While Funshine and Dottie supported this decision, Axel and Mick believed this was a bad idea, as they still needed to lay low from their recent crime in Pittsburgh. However, Kali didn’t listen to them.

The following day, Kali introduced Eleven to the gang, telling her of their goal in getting revenge on the people who had hurt them. Later, Funshine and the rest of the gang watched as Kali taught Eleven how to channel her anger in order to make her powers strong enough to move a train car.

When she succeeded, Funshine, Mick, and Dottie cheered while Axel appeared somewhat apprehensive. They then took Eleven to a room where she identified an image of Ray Carroll as the one who had hurt her mother.

After the gang gave Eleven a makeover, they went to a gas station to stock up on supplies. While the clerk was distracted by one of Kali’s allusions, the gang began robbing the store. When the clerk discovered what they were doing, he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot Kali. After Eleven rendered the clerk unconscious by throwing him against a wall, the gang escaped in their van.

When they arrived at Ray’s residence, Kali and Eleven interrogated him while Funshine stood guard. As Axel and Dottie were robbing the place, they discovered Ray’s daughters, who were calling the police. As the police began to arrive, the gang fled back to the warehouse.

However, the police soon found them, surrounding the warehouse. Kali was able to get the gang to their van using her abilities. It was then that Eleven decided to leave them in order to save her friends in Hawkins. As Eleven ran away, the gang managed to evade the police.

His Personality

Despite his intimidating stature, Funshine has a gentle demeanor, as noted by Kali. He was also shown to be exceptionally loyal to Kali and the gang’s goals, appearing to have no reservations about the crimes they commit. He also had a habit of becoming sentimental.

Who Plays Funshine Character?

Kai is an American actor, bodybuilder, personal trainer and artist who portrayed Funshine in the second season of Netflix original series Stranger Things. He has also previously stared in Crazy Fist.

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