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In this article, you are going to see the complete wiki of David Harbour and Jim Hopper. Jim Hopper is the character of a series of stranger things. Both names are the same person one is real and the other is a fictional character. So be ready if you are curious about information.

James “Jim” Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, is a major character in the first, second, and third seasons of Stranger Things.

Jim Hopper Stranger Things

Hopper was Chief of Police in the small, sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, where he used to live out a carefree existence – yet haunted by a troubled past.

After an old friend, Joyce Byers, reported that her son, Will, had disappeared mysteriously, Hopper’s life became infinitely more complicated.

As many events unfolded, he came to know about Eleven, a young girl who was experimented upon by Hawkins Lab for her inherited abilities.

However, in order to save Will, he had to give up her location, a decision he would regret.

Later Hopper found Eleven and unbeknownst to everyone, took care of her, even using his cabin to give her a safe place to live in secret. Living together for almost a year, the two formed a father-daughter bond.

After the pumpkin patches began to rot suddenly, he discovered the corrupted tunnels beneath Hawkins were responsible for it.

Following the massacre at Hawkins Lab, Hopper reunited with Eleven and they closed the Mind Flayer’s Gate together. Eventually, he adopted Eleven as his daughter and took her to the Snow Ball.

After being adopted, Eleven was legally able to change her name from Jane Ives to Jane Hopper, although this happened she still prefers Eleven or “El”.

When Eleven developed stronger feelings for Mike, Hopper quickly became overprotective of her, often getting angry at Mike and even threatening him. Meanwhile, when Joyce was recovering from losing a former lover, Hopper grew closer to her, appearing to develop romantic feelings for her.

Later, Russians were discovered to have secretly invaded Hawkins to investigate the Gate, allowing the Mind Flayer to attack again with a newly-created physical form, and Hopper was forced to take action, tracking down a Russian hitman and eventually assisting Eleven and her friends in defeating the Russians. And the Mind Flayer’s physical form by destroying the machine keeping the Gate open.

However, Hopper disappeared during the machine’s explosion and was presumed dead.

However, he somehow survived the explosion and was captured by the Russians and is currently being held at a camp in Kamchatka, Russia, where he is forced to construct a railway bridge for them.

His hair and mustache that he sported in Season 3 have also been shaved off by the Russians.


The loss of his daughter and family life left Hopper emotionally reserved and cynical. To manage his pain, he regularly drank alcohol, smoked several cigarettes a day and developed an addiction to anti-anxiety drugs. Instead of making real connections with people, he slept around with several women who he never contacted again.

Despite being the Police Chief, he didn’t care about his job, as he regularly slept in and showed up late and had an overall laid back attitude in the office even before the Byers case, and had an indifference to the cases brought to his attention.

Only when Will Byers went missing and it turned out to be a government cover-up did he start caring about doing his job properly, as he had a personal interest in the case.

Jim Hopper Skills

  • Gunmanship: As a former Army veteran and the present Police Chief, Hopper is noteworthy for his experience with a variety of firearms, ranging from handguns, shotguns, and .22 LRs to M16s and even an AK-47. While he mostly carried his revolver around with him during investigations and settling minor disputes, he was shown to be remarkably proficient in handling assault rifles and shotguns when he fought side by side with Eleven and protected her from the Demodogs by shooting a substantial number of them without much difficulty.
  • Survival Instincts: Hopper’s basic surviving skills helped him considerably when he was trapped in the tunnels corrupted by the Upside Down, such as placing cigars for leaving a trail to follow, as well as crafting a makeshift torch from a branch.
  • Craftsmanship: His military life led him to be familiarized with some crafting skills too, as displayed in “The Pollywog” when he constructed trip-wires around Eleven‘s location.
  • Morse code: Hopper also had some knowledge regarding radio operation and its mechanisms, as he taught Eleven how to communicate over the radio using Morse code during their time together, as well as was very quick to infer the Morse Codes the then possessed Will was trying to signal.
Jim Hopper Wiki

Jim Hopper Biographical data

NameJim Hopper
OccupationPolice Chief
Homicide Detective (formerly)
Age41 (season one)
42 (season two)
43 (season three)
Height6’3″ (191cm)
AffiliationHawkins Police Department
Department of Energy/Hawkins Lab (formerly)
Hair ColorSmoky Blonde
Eye ColorBlue

Hopper Relationships

Sara Hopper

Sara was Hopper’s late daughter who died of cancer. Her death severely affected him, causing him to enter a deep state of grief and depression. Sara’s death provided him with motivation to help Joyce find Will and later played a part in his decision to take in Eleven. Additionally, he wore her blue hair tie around his wrist as a memento, which he later gave to Eleven who wore it during the Snow Ball.


Diane is Hopper’s ex-wife and Sara’s mother. They were married for seven years but divorced shortly after Sara’s death. In “The Flea and the Acrobat”, Hopper called her, telling her he doesn’t regret the time they shared together.


After her defeat of the Demogorgon in 1983, it is revealed that Eleven is alive and comes back through a Gate to escape the school. Hiding in the woods, Hopper had been leaving food for her in a lockbox until she one day arrives during one of his drops. Hiding her for almost a year in his grandfather’s old cabin, for what he believed to be her own safety, the two form a father-daughter bond.

While Hopper thoroughly cared for Eleven, his decision to prohibit her from leaving the cabin ultimately infuriates her as she became enraged for being continued to be promised to see Mike, even though it had been almost a year. They argue one night which causes Eleven to shatter all the windows.

The next day, she leaves the cabin to visit her mother. Hopper, who was taken to Hawkins Lab for his injuries, regretted his actions and apologized Eleven for his misbehavior and admitted that he only wanted to protect her, though unaware that she already left.

Joyce Byers

Hopper and Joyce have known each other since high school. They were fairly close, often skipping class to smoke together, even being caught by a teacher on at least one occasion. Their friendship continued well into adulthood and remained even after Hopper returned to Hawkins after living in another city for several years.

Bob Newby

While Bob and Hopper knew each other since high school and were friends from then, Hopper always trifled Bob for his passive nature, calling him “Bob the Brain”. However, Jim developed a sense of respect for Bob when he put himself in danger in order to help the group escape from the lab, which ultimately leads to Bob’s tragic demise.

Mike Wheeler

Hopper and Mike did not get off to a good start. When questioning Mike on Will’s whereabouts, Hopper ordered Mike and his friends to not go searching for Will, but Mike secretly disobeyed him and started searching for Will. When Hopper realized that Mike was in danger of sheltering Eleven, he did not hesitate to find him and come to his rescue at the junkyard. When interrogated by Martin Brenner, Hopper was forced to reveal Mike and the rest of the kids’ location, which he regretted.

In 1984, Hopper still showed some care for Mike as he asked Eleven if she wanted him to check on Mike, which she refused. However, when Mike found out that Hopper had been hiding Eleven for nearly an entire year, he became furious with Hopper, blaming him for hiding her as he tried to justify his actions. When Mike took all of his anger out, Hopper stopped and comforted a sobbing Mike, apologizing to him as he realized how wrong he was to keep Eleven hidden.

Callahan & Powell

Hopper had two police officers who were loyal enough to work with him, Phil Callahan and Calvin Powell. Hopper was often annoyed with their antics and foolishness but still allowed them to help him investigate the disappearance of Will Byers and the rotting of the pumpkin fields. Both Callahan and Powell respect Hopper and follow his orders, and even worry about his well-being.

Murray Bauman

Hopper was friends and acquaintances with Murray Bauman, although the two were sometimes annoyed with each other. In 1984, as Murray investigated the disappearance of Barbara Holland, he tried to explain his clues and theories about a girl with psychic powers and how there could be Russians in Hawkins.

However, Hopper, knowing the truth about Eleven and what really happened to Barbara, dismissed Murray’s claims, and told him to go home.

In 1985, Hopper sought Murray’s help when he and Joyce captured Russian scientist Alexei, as Hopper knew that Murray knows how to speak in Russian.

Mayor Kline

The connection with his boss, Larry Kline hasn’t been known too well in 1983 and 1984. However, Hopper was manipulated by him and felt threatened due to being fired.

When a protest group came over to the Town Hall to yell at Kline for building the Starcourt Mall – which caused them to lose their jobs – Kline said to Hopper that he had to arrest these people, claiming none of the people were given permission to protest.

Hopper later noticed that Kline was in cahoots with a man in black, and thought it would be good to point out all the other sneaky things his boss did.

Kline says he also knows Hopper did sneaky things too, and threatens to ruin his life by calling Tom Holloway who ran the newspaper. He also scoffs at Hopper to show he didn’t care about the “dead daughter story” and tries to leave the office, before Hopper throws the man into the door, breaking his nose.

Hopper threatens to break his boss’s finger until he hears that the visiting criminal came from Starcourt Mall. Hopper, Kline, and Joyce head to Kline’s mansion, and Hopper teases Kline for being so wealthy, by asking him if he shot the zebra, which made the rug, before nearly exclaiming, “No shit” when he is told it is not real. Kline later corporates with Hopper before being released, though choosing his safety over Hopper’s, when Grigori threatens him.


Hopper met and discovered Alexei when investigating the Hess Farm. When Grigori arrived and tried to kill Hopper and Joyce, Hopper decided to kidnap Alexei so he could reveal the Russians’ plan.

Hopper was quite hostile towards Alexei for most of their time together, often manhandling him and occasionally physically assaulting him, as well as mockingly referring to him as “Smirnoff” rather than his actual name.

Hopper would also avoid trying to talk to Alexei until they reached the residence of Murray Bauman, often berating Joyce for trying to communicate with him despite the language barrier.

Eventually, the tension between Alexei and Hopper ended with Hopper beating Alexei up after he refused to help them over his Slurpee being a different flavor than what he asked for.

After this interaction, Alexei was much more cooperative with Hopper and didn’t try and provoke him again. After Alexei was killed at the Fun Fair, Hopper realized his death when asking Joyce where he was and looked depressed, despite being hostile towards him.


Jim Hopper and Grigori were enemies. Hopper first noticed him at Town Hall while waiting to be met by Mayor Kline. Later fought each other on multiple occasions, with Grigori gaining the upper hand most of the time.

After his first fight with Grigori, Hopper realized that his attacker driving a motorcycle matched Grigori’s appearance who he saw earlier at Town Hall. This caused Hopper to investigate Grigori’s identity.

When confronting him again at the Hess Farm, Hopper threatened to shoot Grigori, but the Russian hitman did not believe Hopper would do it as he was a policeman. However, Hopper proved him wrong, but Grigori managed to dodge Hopper’s gunshot and fought him.

David Harbour Wiki

David Kenneth Harbour is an American actor. He is professionally known by David Harbour. Harbour was born on April 10, 1975. He is best known for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, which earned him a Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2018. He has also received Primetime Emmy Award nominations and Golden Globe Award nominations for the role.

David harbour wiki
NameDavid Harbour
BornApril 10, 1975
Age44 years
Height6’3″ (191cm)
Year active1999–present
Birth PlaceWhite Plains, New York

Harbour was born on April 10, 1975, in White Plains, New York, to parents Kenneth and Nancy (née Riley) Harbour. Both of his parents work in real estate, his mother in residential and his father in the commercial.[6] He attended Byram Hills High School in Armonk, New York, along with actors Sean Maher and Eyal Podell. Harbour graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1997.

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