Marsha Holland Stranger Things: Age, Husband, Wiki [2020]

Marsha Holland was the mother of Barbara Holland. Following her daughter’s disappearance, she talked to Barbara’s friend Nancy Wheeler over the telephone.


Marsha Holland was a middle-aged woman living in Hawkins, Indiana. She was the wife of Mr. Holland and the mother of Barbara.

Marsha Holland Stranger Things
NameMarsha Holland
Age30, 40
Relationship StatusMarried to Mr. Holland
FamilyBarbara Holland (daughter) ✝
ResidenceHawkins, Indiana

On November 9, 1983, Marsha received a call from Barb‘s best friend and classmate, Nancy Wheeler. Nancy asked if Barb had ever come home the night before. She replied that she had not, and asked Nancy to let her know if she were to find her.

Barb’s Disappearance

Later that evening, Mr. and Mrs. Holland were at the Wheeler house, talking to Nancy and her parents Ted and Karen about Barb’s disappearance. The next day, Karen checked in on Barb’s parents with her husband.

Marsha and her husband decided to hire Murray Bauman to investigate Barb’s disappearance; although this was a costly undertaking, even forcing them to sell their home, they viewed it as justifiable.

In late October of 1984, Marsha and her husband invited Nancy and her boyfriend Steve to have dinner, where they told the teens about their hiring of Bauman.

A few days later, Nancy called Marsha and told her that she had something to tell her. They arranged to meet, although this did not go to plan.

After Nancy met with Bauman and exposed the lab, a cover story was put out to explain Barb’s death.

Although Barb‘s true fate was entangled with enigmatic supernatural forces, this cover story instead explained that an experimental chemical asphyxiant had leaked from the grounds of Hawkins Lab, and was the cause of Barb’s death.

Marsha and her husband were understandably distraught. They held a funeral sometime in December.

Who Plays Marsha Holland Character?

Cynthia Barrett is an American actress who Mrs. Holland in the Netflix original television series Stranger Things.

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