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Maxine Mayfield is known as “Max” is a protagonist introduced in the second season of Stranger Things and the main protagonist of Stranger Things: Runaway Max. She is portrayed by Sadie Sink.

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Max Mayfield Stranger Things

Max Mayfield was born in California to Susan and Sam Mayfield in 1971. Max was close to her father, sharing an interest in science and horror movies. Her mother, on the other hand, tended to be wary of her daughter’s uncharacteristic hobbies.

Sometime before 1984, Sam and Susan divorced, with Sam moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. After Susan married Neil Hargrove, he and his son Billy moved in with Max and Susan.

Max had a negative relationship with her new stepfather and stepbrother, and she especially resented Billy’s bullying.

max mayfield stranger things wiki

In 1984, Max and her family moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana, leaving Max resentful that she had to leave California and her father behind.

After her parents’ divorce and her mother’s remarriage, Max and her family moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana in October 1984.

As the new student at Hawkins Middle School, she started forming a friendship with Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, and Will Byers.

Eventually, Max discovered the paranormal happenings in her new town. Max would go on to help her new friends burn the hub of the underground tunnel system, distracting the Demodogs so Eleven could close the Gate. A month later, Max attended the Snow Ball with her new friends.

In 1985, she and Eleven formed a strong friendship, bonding over their relationship problems.

However, Max soon discovered danger from the Upside Down had returned to Hawkins, as the Mind Flayer had possessed her stepbrother, Billy Hargrove.

Max helped her friends battle against the Mind Flayer, who was seeking revenge on them for defeating it the previous year.

In the battle’s conclusion, Billy sacrificed himself to protect Max and her friends. Three months later, Max said goodbye to Eleven and Will as they moved out of Hawkins while Max continued to mourn the loss of her stepbrother.

Personality of Max

Max is a tomboy, having many interests that some wouldn’t consider “conventional” for a girl during the time period.

While growing up in California, she displayed no interest in things like press-on nails, perms, nor getting a tan.

She greatly enjoys skateboarding and is skilled at arcade games (such as Dig Dug), being proficient enough to achieve the top scores.

She also displays a slight interest in horror films, having dressed as Michael Myers for Halloween.

Max has some driving experience and was able to drive her brother’s car fairly well.

Max Mayfield Biographical Info Stranger Things

NameMax Mayfield
Age13 (season two)
14 (season three)
AffiliationThe Party
Griswold Family
Relationship StatusDating Lucas Sinclair
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBlue

Max Relationships in Stranger Things

Susan Hargrove

Susan is Max’s mother. Max seems to have a good relationship with her, though she does appear to harbor slight resentment towards her for wanting to leave her biological father behind in California. On the night of the Snow Ball, Max allowed her mother to help with her hair.

Neil Hargrove

Neil Hargrove is Max’s stepfather. Max’s feelings towards her stepfather are currently unknown, however, she does bear some anger towards him for moving to Hawkins in order to get away from her biological father.

Especially Max doesn’t like it when Neil calls her Maxine and Max doesn’t even consider Neil her father at all.

Billy Hargrove

Max and Billy are step-siblings, sharing a complicated history and difficult relationship. On the day of their first meeting, Billy gave her the nickname Mad Max in reference to how she would become enraged at Billy.

Billy would often treat Max in a controlling, domineering fashion, either bullying her or just ignoring her existence. The reason why she’s abused by Billy, unknown to Max, is because he is angry over his mother’s departure and is taking it out on Max.

After drugging him, she uses Steve’s bat with nails to threaten Billy to never bother her or her friends again, which Billy reluctantly agrees out of fear.

Sam Mayfield

Sam Mayfield is Max’s father. According to Max, her biological father is still residing in California. Max had a fairly good relationship with her father growing up, even after he had to move to LA when her parents broke up.

He was often known to her for his practical and casual approach, allowing her to watch movies that didn’t exactly age-appropriate and even taking her to watch races at the racetrack, while also teaching her how to drive his Impala.

After the divorce, Max remarked that her father got more careless, showing up late to pick her up from the bus station at times and even letting her go home with a few wounds from accidents.

Despite this, Max preferred her life with him over staying with her mom, as evidenced when she attempted to escape to LA when she heard that they would be moving back to Hawkins, Indiana. Max remarked that she missed him while speaking to Lucas in “The Spy”.

Nate Walker

Nate Walker was Max’s best friend back during her time in California. According to Max, Nate had been her best friend since they were six. The two were field trip buddies, science partners, and they would play street hockey at Max’s house.

Lucas Sinclair

When Lucas and his friends, along with his entire class, was introduced to Max Mayfield by Mr. Clarke, Lucas and his friends grew curious about her and her name as someone named “MADMAX” had beaten Dustin‘s high score on Dig Dug at the Palace Arcade.

As Lucas and his friends watched her, Max had noticed them and left them a note saying “Stop Spying On Me! Creeps!” Later, Lucas and Dustin find Max being dropped off at the arcade and playing Dig Dug and realize that she is “MADMAX.” As a result, Lucas, along with Dustin, becomes infatuated with Max.

Lucas and Dustin invite Max to come trick-or-treating with them without consulting Mike, but when it seems like Max doesn’t accept their invitation, Lucas looks disappointed.

However, when Max appears and joins in on trick-or-treating at Loch Nora, Lucas looked overjoyed.

Despite agreeing with his friends to not tell Max about the events and the true circumstances of Will‘s disappearance in November 1983, Lucas seemed bothered when they did not include her as they discussed the possibility of D’Artagnan being related to the Upside Down.

Dustin Henderson

The boys first grew interested in Max when she beat Dustin‘s score on Dig Dug, and both Dustin and Lucas developed romantic feelings for her the second they saw her. Therefore, Dustin and Lucas were prone to confront to gain Max’s affections. In the end, she returns Lucas’ feelings, much to Dustin’s dismay.

Mike Wheeler

Even with Max’s attempts to join the group and befriend Mike, he is very hostile and rude to her, repeatedly calling her annoying or looking irritated when she is present.

However, his seeming irrational dislike for her is because he does not want her to take Eleven‘s place. After Mike finally reunites with Eleven, he eventually gives up his hostility towards Max.


Although Max seems to admire Eleven and is willing to become her friend, Eleven is cold towards her and appears to be jealous of her after mistaking her hanging out with Mike as something romantic.

However, in 1985, Max and Eleven start to bond over the fact that their boyfriends are constantly lying to them, and they become instant best friends, as they shopped and have fun at the Starcourt Mall, along with Max giving Eleven advice.

Max tries to help Eleven make her choices and how to use her powers instead of being told what to do by Mike or Hopper. Max also introduced Eleven to powerful female heroes, such as Wonder Woman, saying that Eleven shouldn’t spend too much time with boys.

When Eleven suspected something was wrong with Billy after spying on him, Max helped Eleven investigate as she believed what Eleven said about Billy. After discovering that the Mind Flayer returned and Billy was flayed, the two girls worked together, along with their friends to stop the Mind Flayer.

After Eleven was injured by the Mind Flayer, Max treated her wound and helped her out. During the battle against the Mind Flayer at Starcourt, Max continued to help Eleven.

After the Mind Flayer’s proxy was killed, Max, who was saddened by Billy’s death, was comforted by Eleven. Three months later, Max said goodbye to Eleven as she and the Byers family moved out of Hawkins.

Will Byers

Max met Will Byers on her first day at Hawkins Middle School. Will did not believe she could be “MADMAX,” the video game player who’d beaten Dustin’s high score in Dig Dug, as girls don’t play video games in his opinion. However, when Lucas and Dustin confirmed their suspicions and Max joined them in trick-or-treating, Will accepted her into the Party just to make Lucas and Dustin happy.

When Max learned about the supposed rumors of Will’s disappearance, she agreed to not talk about them in Will’s presence. However, when Lucas told her about the true circumstances of Will’s disappearance, Max did not believe him even when realizing Lucas was serious until she saw an adolescent Demogorgon for the first time.

And as Will was possessed by the Mind Flayer, Max did not hesitate in figuring out a way to save him. She even worked with the rest of Will’s friends into burning the tunnel system, inadvertently giving enough heat for the Mind Flayer to leave Will’s body.

Sadie Sink Wiki

Sadie Sink is an American actress. She was born on April 16, 2002, in Brenham, Texas. Her mother put her and her older brother – Mitchell – into acting lessons when she was 10 years old and began her career at eleven years old in the Broadway production of Annie.

She portrays Maxine “Max” Mayfield in Netflix’s Stranger Things and she has also appeared in Blue Bloods and The Americans. Sink has also worked on Broadway, with credits including Annie and The Audience. Sadie is known for her role as Suzanne Ballard in the show American Odyssey. She also played in The Glass Castle in 2017.

Sadie Sink wiki
Full Name Sadie Sink
Date of BirthApril 16, 2002
Age17 years
Height1.6 m
Hair ColorRed

Sink was born in Brenham, Texas. She has three older brothers and a younger sister. Due to her obsession with recreating Disney’s High School Musical with her brother, Mitchell, when she was seven years old, her mother decided to send her off to acting classes in a community theatre, in nearby Houston.

In turn, it led to a Broadway audition and a role in the 2012 revival of Annie at the age of eleven years old. She had to prepare herself for the role by taking dance lessons and doing vocal training.

She was initially the standby for all the orphans until the original lead left when she began alternating the title role for a few months, then closing the show as Duffy and understudy to Annie.

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