Mrs. Sinclair Stranger Things: Age, Born, Height, Wiki

Mrs. Sinclair is the wife of Mr. Sinclair and the mother of Lucas Sinclair and Erica Sinclair.

Early Life

At some point before 1971, Mrs. Sinclair married Mr. Sinclair, with whom she had Lucas in 1971 and Erica in 1975.

Mrs. Sinclair Stranger Things
NameMrs. Sinclair
RelationshipMarried to Mr. Sinclair
FamilyLucas Sinclair (son)
Erica Sinclair (daughter)
Jack (brother or brother-in-law)
ResidenceMaple Street
Hawkins, Indiana
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Mrs. Sinclair, along with her family, were having breakfast one morning in November 1984. While reading the newspaper, Lucas asked his father what he would do if his mother was angry with him. Mrs. Sinclair asked her husband the same question.

Mr. Sinclair told his son that he would apologize for whatever it was that he had done, and then he would buy her anything that she wanted. When Lucas asked what he would do if his mother was wrong, Mr. Sinclair joked that his wife was never wrong.

Lucas was in fact, without his father or his mother realizing it, stealthily asking his father for advice on how to apologize to a girl, as he wished to make up with his crush, Max Mayfield.

While trapped in the Russian Elevator, Erica informs Dustin Henderson, Robin Buckley, and Steve Harrington that she was supposed to have a sleepover at her friend Tina’s house and that if she’s not home for her Uncle Jack’s party the next day and her mom founds out why she will find them and “slit their throats”.

Who plays Mrs Sinclair?

Karen Ceesay plays the character of Mrs. Sinclair in Season 2. Karen Ceesay was born as Karen Renee Mauldin. She is an actress, known for Rings (2017), Last Vegas (2013) and The Internship (2013).

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