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Murray Bauman is a recurring character in the second and third seasons of Stranger Things. He is a private investigator who was hired by the Hollands to investigate their daughter’s disappearance.

Murray Bauman Stranger Things

A year later, Murray was sought out by Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers to help them as they had kidnapped a Russian scientist named Alexei after discovering there were Russians in Hawkins.

Knowing how to speak Russian, Murray served as a translator while befriending Alexei in the process.

After Alexei’s death, Murray continued to help Joyce, Hopper, and the kids to close the portal to the Upside Down underneath Starcourt Mall in order to kill the proxy body of the Mind Flayer.

Murray was originally an investigative journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times. At some point, he became a private investigator and was hired by Mr. and Mrs. Holland to investigate Barbara Holland‘s disappearance.

On the morning of October 30, 1984, Murray met Jim Hopper outside the police station where he tried to convince Hopper of a Russian spy presence in Hawkins.

Hopper initially dismissed him, but once he mentioned a theoretical “Russian girl with psionic abilities”, Hopper agreed to give Murray five minutes to talk.

Murray Personality

Murray was a quirky, but vigilant journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Although an investigative journalist, Murray was always ignored by others due to his eccentric behavior and strange reports in solving investigations.

After being hired by the Holland family to investigate their daughter’s disappearance, he started working as an investigator, following over 200 tips to deduce Barbara Holland‘s whereabouts.

While he’s disgraced by most people, he was sure that the Hawkins National Laboratory was somehow responsible for the abnormal events occurring in Hawkins and the death of Barbara and was committed to uncovering the truth.

He had a strong ability to recognize sexual tension, easily noticing Jonathan and Nancy‘s feelings for each other and calling them out for it, and succinctly calling out Hopper and Joyce for ignoring their feelings.

Murray Stranger Things Wiki

Murray Bauman Biographical Data

NameMurray Bauman
OccupationPrivate Investigator
Investigative Journalist (formerly)
AffiliationChicago Sun-Times (formerly)
FamilyUnnamed mother
Relatiohsip StatusSingle
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazel

Murray Relationships

Unnamed mother

Murray’s mother has only been mentioned in a hidden voicemail that can be heard by calling his phone number. In the voicemail, he insists that she calls him at a certain time, possibly indicating she calls him often, much to his annoyance.

Nancy Wheeler

Murray met Nancy Wheeler in 1984 to confess that Hawkins Lab was responsible for the death of her friend, Barbara Holland. Although Murray believed Nancy everything about the lab and the Upside Down, he told her that her evidence could easily be destroyed or brushed off by the public. So, they worked together in making the evidence sound like Barbara was killed by a chemical spill caused by the lab. Afterward, Murray was able to notice Nancy’s feelings for Jonathan and encouraged her to embrace them. Nancy thanked Murray for his help and he returned the gesture, telling her not to seek him out again.

Jonathan Byers

Murray met Jonathan Byers in 1984 as the latter accompanied Nancy to confess that Hawkins Lab was responsible for the death of Barbara Holland. After working together to make Dr. Owens‘s recorded confession sound like a chemical spill killed Barbara, Murray noticed Jonathan’s feelings for Nancy and encouraged him to embrace them, which he did. The next day, Murray asked Jonathan how was the “pull-out,” causing Jonathan to choke up on his drink, confirming Murray’s suspicions that Jonathan and Nancy slept together.

Jim Hopper

Murray was friends and acquaintances with Chief Jim Hopper, although the two were sometimes annoyed with each other. In 1984, as Murray investigated the disappearance of Barbara Holland, he tried to explain his clues and theories about a girl with psychic powers and how there could be Russians in Hawkins. However, Hopper, knowing the truth about Eleven and what really happened to Barbara, dismissed Murray’s claims and told him to go home.

Brett Gelman Wiki

Brett Clifford Gelman is an American actor and comedian. Professionally known by Brett Gelman. He was born on October 6, 1976. He is best known for the roles of Brett Mobley in the Adult Swim comedy-action series Eagleheart, as Mr. K on the NBC sitcom Go On, as Hamish on the Comedy Central series Another Period, and as A.J. in the FX comedy series Married. He co-starred as Martin on the BBC comedy Fleabag and has appeared on Twin Peaks, Making History, and as Murray Bauman in Stranger Things.

Brett Gelman bio
NameBrett Gelman
ProfessionActor, Comedian
BornOctober 6, 1976
Age43 years
Height1.85 m
SpouseJanicza Bravo

Gelman was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois. Gelman’s father was a photo salesman. He was raised Jewish and has a younger sister who is a speech pathologist.

Gelman graduated from Highland Park High School. He graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he received classical training in theater.

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