Ozerov Stranger Things: Age, Actor, Relations, Wiki

Ozerov is a minor character and an antagonist in the third season of Stranger Things. He is a Russian Colonel aligned with the USSR.

Ozerov stranger things
RelationsStepanov (employer)
Grigori (ally)
Alexei (former ally; enemy)
Steve Harrington (enemy)
Robin Buckley (enemy)
AffiliationSoviet Union
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown


In the summer of 1985, he met Steve and Robin following their infiltration of the bunker and subsequent capture. Ozerov interrogated Steve, repeatedly asking who he worked for while Steve was beaten in the process.

Later, he interrogates Steve and Robin further and finds out about Dustin. When Steve taunts him about Dustin getting help at any minute and that he and his Russian comrades will be killed by the American government, Ozerov does not buy that for a second and smiles.

Just before he and Dr. Zharkov can do more harm to Steve and Robin, an emergency alarm suddenly goes off, surprising Ozerov. He goes to investigate, angrily questioning his soldiers who stand over a hole created by the green substance used to power the Key, with Ozerov standing over the hole in confusion and shock.

This turned out to be a ruse to distract the Russians as Dustin and Erica burst into the interrogation room with Dustin tasering and killing Dr. Zharkov, and eventually rescuing Steve and Robin.

Who Play Ozerov Character?

Misha Kuznetsov portrayed the Ozerov Character in Stranger Things Television Series.

Misha Kuznetsov (born November 16, 1961 in Omsk, Soviet Union) is a Russian actor and voice actor who has appeared in television shows such as Early Edition and Law & Order. He provided the voice of Vladimir Glebov in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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