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Sara Hopper was the daughter of Diane and Jim Hopper. She died of cancer at only 7 years old.

Her death permanently changed her father and provided much of his motivation in the search for Will Byers, and later on in the adoption of Eleven.

When playing and having fun in the park, Sara was suddenly and inexplicably terrified by something and started to hyperventilate. Jim sat her down and guided her breathing to calm her down.

Sara Hopper stranger thigns

Character Information

NameSara Hopper
StatusDeceased (Died From Cancer)
BornApril 1971
FamilyJim Hopper (father)
Diane (mother)
Bill (step-father)
Unnamed younger half-sibling
Eleven (adoptive sister)
Age7 years
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Sara was later put in the hospital and treated with chemotherapy, causing her to lose her hair. Her father stayed with her in bed and read her the children’s novel Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.

She later passed away in the hospital as her parents watched. The doctors tried to revive her with CPR to no avail.

Sara Hopper’s only known family is Diane and Jim Hopper, though there is said to be an unknown grandfather and great grandfather on Hopper’s side, no information is really known about this man.

Sara has a step-father named Bill and a half-sibling, neither of which she ever met.


  • Sara had a stuffed tiger toy in her bed at the hospital. Eleven and Will were also shown with stuffed toys, though they had lions. They used their lions for comfort after facing and when hiding from the monster.
  • In Season 1, Hopper wears Sara’s blue hairband on his wrist. By Season 2, Hopper has passed the hair band down to Eleven.
  • Actor David Harbour (Jim Hopper) stated that the cause of Sara’s death is a secret that might be explored, suggesting that cancer is not the full story.
  • In both the credits of “The Upside Down” and the final script for “The Vanishing of Will Byers” her name is spelled “Sara”. During season two, at the cabin where Eleven stays, a box is revealed with Sara written on it. However, the episode captions read “Sarah”, whilst the official soundtrack release also includes a song titled ‘After Sarah’.
  • Sara originally died in a car accident, according to the Montauk script. She died at age 4 and her name wasn’t written in the script.

Who plays Sara Hopper?

Elle Graham stranger things

Elle Graham is an American child actress who portrayed Sara Hopper in the Netflix original television series Stranger Things. Elle Graham is an actress, Also known for Swamp Thing (2019), The Walking Dead (2010).

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