Stepanov Stranger Things: Age, Actor, Relations, More, Wiki [2020]

Stepanov is a minor character and an antagonist in the third season of Stranger Things. He is a Russian general aligned with the USSR.

Stepanov stranger things
RelationsOzerov (ally)
Grigori (hitman)
Alexei (former ally; enemy)
AffiliationSoviet Union
AliasesComrade General
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBald

On June 28, Stepanov was present during a trial run of the Key, a device created to open a portal to another dimension.

When the experiment failed, Stepanov had Grigori strangle an unnamed Russian scientist to death. Stepanov then warned the newly promoted Alexei that he only had a year to build another Key and succeed.

Stepanov has a cold and ruthless demeanor. He’s determined to succeed and get what he wants. However, he does not take failure lightly as he ordered Grigori to kill a Russian scientist for the failure of the Key and threatened Alexei to build and perfect another Key within a year.

Who plays the Stepanov Character?

John Vodka portrayed the Stepanov Character in Neflix Series Stranger Things.

John Vodka is an actor, classically trained musician and singer-songwriter with more than 30 years of on-stage, film and TV experience. John was born Ilya Slovesnik to a family of musicians and actors in Moscow, USSR.

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