Susan Hargrove: Stranger Things Wiki, Age, Height, Partner [2021]

Susan Hargrove, previously known as Susan Mayfield, is a recurring character in the second season of Stranger Things. She is the current wife of Neil Hargrove, and the ex-wife of Sam Mayfield, the biological mother of Max and the stepmother of Billy.

Susan Hargrove Story

At some point, Susan divorced her previous husband Sam Mayfield and underwent a string of relationships with at least four different men, none of which lasted very long.

Working as a teller at a bank, she met the security guard Neil Hargrove, who developed an attraction for her until he finally proposed.

She later married Neil Hargrove despite his abusive nature, moving from California to Hawkins, Indiana in 1984.

On November 4, Susan and Neil return home from an errand, only to find Max missing and her bedroom window opened. Susan and Neil confronted Billy on Max’s whereabouts, only to find out that he does not know where she is.

When Neil starts abusing Billy, Susan watches in discomfort as Neil reprimands Billy for not being respectful and having responsibility.

When Neil makes Billy apologize to Susan, she tries to assure that it’s okay, but Neil stops her, saying Billy’s behavior is not okay.

Susan watches Neil order Billy to find Max and moves out of the way to let Neil leave the room before leaving too.

On December 15, she helped Max with her hair to get ready for the Snow Ball, as she complimented on her daughter’s hair.

Susan Personality

Susan is a kind, but a timid housewife. She genuinely cares for her daughter and stepson.

She seems to have qualms with Neil’s abusive parenting methods, shown by her trying to tell him it’s okay after he slaps Billy and forces him to apologize for being disrespectful.

Susan Hargrove Wiki

Susan Hargrove stranger things
NameSusan Hargrove
Relationship StatusMarried to Neil Hargrove
FamilyMax Mayfield (daughter)
Billy Hargrove † (stepson)
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBrown

Who Plays the Character of Susan Hargrove?

Jennifer Marshall plays the role of Susan Hargrove in the original series of Netflix called Stranger Things.

Jennifer Marshal wiki
NameJennifer Marshall
Born4th August 1981
Age38 years
Height5′ 11″ (1.8 m)

Jennifer grew up in a suburb of Denver before the death of her beloved grandmother prompted the family to move to Carbondale, Colorado.

This small mountain town nestled in the Roaring Fork Valley was her home for the next three years. Living in the tiny town solidified her decision to join the military after high school.

In high school, she played basketball for the Lady Rams, was a Varsity cheerleader, a member of the Speech and Drama team, editor of the high school newspaper, on the yearbook staff, state Vice President of Membership for HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), sang in show choir and honor choir, and was a frequent face in the annual school musical.

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