The Bathtub | Stranger Things S01E07 – [2021]

“Chapter Seven: The Bathtub” is the seventh episode of Stranger Things and the seventh episode of the first season. It was written by Justin Doble and directed by the Duffer Brothers. It premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2016, along with the rest of the season.

Eleven struggles to reach Will, while Lucas warns that “the bad men are coming.” Nancy and Jonathan show the police what Jonathan caught on camera.

Summary of Episode 7

Mike and Eleven are about to share an intimate moment in the basement bathroom when Dustin bursts through the door, telling them that Lucas may be in trouble. Over the radio, Lucas warns them that the “Bad Men” are coming.

They then leave on their bikes as they are pursued by Brenner and various other Hawkins Lab agents, driving in “Hawkins Power & Light” vans. During the chase, they reunite with Lucas, but soon find that the agents are not far behind.

As they are trying to get away, one of the vans blocks their path. Eleven uses her powers to flip the van, ensuring their escape. Reaching their junkyard base, Lucas apologizes to El for calling her a traitor, and in turn, she apologizes for lying. Mike also apologizes, and Lucas accepts his handshake.

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Hopper and Joyce arrive at the local police station and demand Callahan and Powell release Jonathan. The officers refuse and reveal the stash of hunting gear in Jonathan’s trunk.

Hopper demands to know why he had such items, but Jonathan claims he wouldn’t believe him.

Brenner and his agents arrive at the Wheeler house. As they begin searching the residence, Connie Frazier speaks with Karen and Ted.

She asks them if they know anything about Eleven, to which they respond no. Karen then becomes furious, demanding to know why they are there. Brenner then steps in, telling her that her son is in danger and asking where he is.

At the junkyard, the kids are discussing Hawkins Laboratory when they notice helicopters overhead. They decide to take refuge in an abandoned bus.

Back at the police station, Nancy and Jonathan tell Hopper about the Monster. As Joyce and Jonathan have a conversation in the hallway, Hopper steps out of his office when he overhears an argument between Callahan and a woman.

The woman is revealed to be Troy’s mother, who’s there to report his arm had been broken by another child. Hopper becomes interested when Troy describes the girl’s appearance and asks for more information. Troy tells him about her abilities and that she’s always with Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.

Meanwhile, Steve is with Tommy and Carol in the parking lot of Fair Mart. When Tommy and Carol make crude insults about Nancy, Steve finally has enough. They have a falling out and Steve drives away.

While surveying the agents swarming her house, Nancy becomes worried about Mike. Hopper tells her they have not found him yet and asks where he is. She does not know but Jonathan claims he knows a way to find out. Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan go to the Byers house where they use Will’s Supercom to contact the kids. However, the debate over if they should answer, fearing it could be a trap. As Hopper is about to give up, Mike answers and tells them their location.

At the Hawk, some employees are cleaning the marquee when Steve arrives. He asks if he can help and begins removing the graffiti from the sign.

In the bus, the kids anxiously wait for Hopper. When they hear someone arrive, they quickly scramble to the front of the bus. Upon seeing that it’s agents that have arrived, they quickly go back to hide.

Before the agents can enter the bus, they are knocked unconscious by Hopper. He then urges the kids to come with him.

Hopper and the kids meet up with Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan at the Byers house. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas explain the Upside Down, telling them that Will and Barbara are trapped there.

When Eleven fails to find Will and Barb, she proposes that she can find them in “the bath.” Dustin calls Mr. Clarke, asking the requirements for a makeshift isolation tank.

The group travel to the middle school, setting up a kiddie pool and filling it with deicing salt. Eleven enters the pool, delving into a deep psychic state. She first finds Barb’s corpse, witnessing a slug slither from her mouth, causing Eleven to break down and scream.

After she is comforted by Joyce, she finds Will hiding in the Upside Down version of Castle Byers. She tells him that his mother will be coming for him, and he tells her to “hurry.” Suddenly, Eleven loses contact and Will vanishes.

Hopper and Joyce decide to go to Hawkins Lab in order to get Will back. Nancy and Jonathan resolve to kill the monster, and steal their hunting gear back from the police station along with a fire extinguisher, while Dustin, Lucas, and Mike stay with Eleven at the school.

Hopper and Joyce attempt to break into the lab, but are apprehended by agents and security guards before they are able to enter the building.

In the Upside Down, an incapacitated Will is shown singing in Castle Byers, as the monster breaks in.

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