Why Stranger Things 4 Reveals Jim Hopper [2021]

Stranger things 4 teaser that reveals something that we all pretty much knew was gonna happen. But we’re still excited to see be confirmed. Anyway the return of chief hopper.

So let’s break down what it means right now. The spot opens with howling winds and burly choirs.

Season 4 Stranger Things Teaser

Stranger Things 4 Hopper alive

As we fly over the snow-covered tundra and remote. Kamchatka Russia a group of men build railroad tracks and are guarded by soldiers wearing giant furry hats wielding Kalashnikovs.

You know just in case it wasn’t already abundantly clear that were in the Soviet Union.

We stopped at one prisoner in Chains who pulls off his hat to reveal that he’s none other than a chief hopper. But without his glorious mustache and head of hair. You be like: Who is this smooth stranger? oh, it’s the hopper. Now, of course, fans instantly jumped on the fact.

That his new look mirrors Elevens look from season 1 and even the stranger things writers tweeted out a joke to that effect. But outside of the fact. That we now know that hopper is for sure alive and definitely not dead.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much in the way of Easter eggs. That we can throw a nice red circle around with a nice bell ringing sound effect.

However, where the trailer doesn’t show us much it actually tells us quite a bit. Firstly we finally know the identity of the American teased in the stranger things 3 finales. You need a mini-console at the time.

Most fans hope the Russians were referring to the hopper. But some theorize the show could have been teasing the return of Dr. Brenner. however that no longer appears to be the case. Because along with this visual confirmation that the American is actually hopper.

Stranger things creators the duffer brothers had this to say in a press release “We’re excited to officially confirm that production on stranger things 4 is now underway and even more excited to announce the return of hopper” although it’s not all good news for our American he’s imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka will face dangers both human and other.

Now another stranger thing to note is that the trailer fades to black when it does so we hear the distinct sound of a Demogorgon or some other creature from the upside down.

Now it’s no surprise the Russians have gotten their hands on a creature like this. Since we last saw them feeding prisoners to a Demogorgon and at the end of stranger things 3. But with the duffer’s teasing dangers both human and other.

Obviously things are going to go from bad to worse in this gulag which is saying something. Because it’s a freaking gulag and that means whatever extra-dimensional creature they have their paws on is gonna break free.

But how will hopper stay in a Soviet gulag? Relate back to 11 the byers and the rest of the gang over the United States.

Well, the duffer’s press release continues meanwhile back in the states new horrors beginning to surface something long-buried something that connects everything.

Oh my God, they’re talking about all those et Atari games in the New Mexico desert. They’ve gotten loose and now they want vengeance to watch out gamers they’re coming for you.

Stranger Things Fans about Hopper

But beyond all of this, Fans still have other questions. like why is the railroad being built? Is it just grunt work? or are there multiple extra-dimensional portal facilities? That needs to be connected and how exactly did hopper survive? Being seemingly exploded was he like somehow tossed through a portal into Russia then captured.

The Russians managed to evacuate him along with the rest of their troops. I need to know we didn’t really see anyone getting a rest at the end of season 3 and the station beneath the mall was pretty empty of Russians.

Once the Americans actually made their way through it so we suspect we won’t get the answer to how hopper survived? At least until stranger things four drops.

Now another question that fans have been asking. Is what sort of movie influences can we expect this season of stranger things. One had that Goonies vibe stranger things 2 went full Ghostbusters and gremlins and stranger things 3 had its Terminator Amash.

Tell me what do you folks think? Are you surprised to see hopper back? So soon did you think it was something they could actually keep under wraps and what’s that long-buried horror? that’s gonna connect everything? Let’s Discuss.

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