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William Byers, also known as will portrayed by Noah Schnapp, is a recurring character in the first season and the main character in the second and third season of Stranger Things.

Will is the son of Lonnie and Joyce Byers and the younger brother of Jonathan Byers. He is best friends with Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Eleven, and Max Mayfield.

Warning! Spoiler Ahead

How Will goes into Upside Down?

On the night of November 6th, 1983, Will was abducted by the Demogorgon and taken into an alternate dimension dubbed the Upside Down. For a week, Will evaded the creature while his family and friends desperately searched for him.

Although he was eventually rescued and returned to normal life, his time in the Upside Down left him with a mysterious connection to the alternate realm.

A year later, Will became possessed by the Mind Flayer, becoming a part of his hive mind. Through this connection, Will was able to understand the creature’s motives and weaknesses.

However, the Mind Flayer exploited Will’s connection to use him to massacre the scientists at Hawkins National Laboratory. Finally, with the help of his mother and brother as well as Nancy, the monster’s possession over Will was alleviated and he returned safe and sound.

A month later, after being free from the Mind Flayer, Will attended the Snow Ball with his friends.

Will & His Friends

In 1985, Will struggled to accept he and his friends were growing up, as he tried to recapture the childhood that was taken from him in the past two years.

When Will sensed the Mind Flayer had returned, he teamed up with his friends to stop the entity. In the process, Will came to terms with all the changes occurring in his life.

Three months after defeating the Mind Flayer, the Byers family, Will included, moved out of Hawkins, Indiana after Will says goodbye to his friends.


Will is soft-spoken, amicable, and honest. Like his friends, he is exceedingly intelligent for his age, having an enthusiasm for science and being a member of their school’s AV club.

He also displays a lot of the same interests as his friends, such as Dungeons & Dragons, comics like the X-men, and films like Ghostbusters. He is also creative, having a passion for art and writing stories.

However, his interests and social status resulted in him being bullied. This, along with his father’s prior poor treatment of him, most likely led to feelings of alienation.

Will Byers stranger things wiki

Info Table

NameWill Byers
OccupationStudent at Hawkins Middle School (formerly)
Age12 years (season one)
13 years (season two)
14 years (season three)
AffiliationAV Club (formerly)
The Party
The Byers family
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown


Joyce Byers

Will had a deep and affectionate relationship with his mother. Joyce encouraged Will to be his own person and allowed him to be creative, praising his artistic ability and letting him build his own little fort in the nearby woods.

Will felt comfortable discussing his D&D campaigns with her as he would with his friends.

While he was trapped in the Upside Down, he repeatedly tried to contact her, often putting himself at risk of being found by the Demogorgon. Joyce became determined to find him and even entered the Upside Down to save him.

Lonnie Byers

Lonnie was unsupportive of Will and his interests, and as a result, they weren’t very close. That being said, Will tried his best to have a good relationship with Lonnie, attending baseball games and other activities with him, even though he had no personal interest.

However, Will got little to nothing back from him; in fact, Lonnie even made derogatory remarks towards him.

This questionable behavior was likely a factor in Lonnie and Joyce’s divorce.

Jonathan Byers

Will saw his brother Jonathan as a role model, who in some ways was a substitute father figure to him. They would often listen to music together, and Jonathan even made him two mixtapes.

Jonathan would also defend Will from Lonnie, who didn’t approve of his interests.

After Will vanished, Jonathan, like his mother, became desperate to find him. Upon waking in the hospital, one of the first things Will did was to ask Jonathan about his injured hand; they clearly greatly cared about each other’s well-being.

Bob Newby

Will had a very close relationship with Bob Newby since he didn’t treat him any differently after his disappearance, unlike Will’s brother and mother who were over-protective of him.

He was passive-natured and empathized strongly with Will, providing him a good deal of advice to face his fears with good intentions, though that indirectly deteriorated Will’s conditions.

Will later drew a picture of Bob as a Superhero in regards to his valiant sacrifice at the lab.

Mike Wheeler

Will and Mike met each other on the first day of kindergarten at an early age, becoming very close friends. Mike approached Will while he was on a swing set and asked to be his friend, which Will agreed to.

Mike later described this as the best thing that he had ever done. When Will vanished, Mike and his friends quickly decided to search for him. After he met Eleven and discovered that she recognized him, he believed she was the key to finding Will.

Eleven (011)

Though Will and Eleven were never formally introduced to one another, they could definitely be considered allies. Eleven was more than willing to help Will’s friends and family find him, which they were deeply thankful for (especially Joyce).

Eleven’s only direct interaction with Will took place while she was immersed in her mental void; she found him in Castle Byers, comforting him and telling him to “hold on a little longer” while Joyce and Hopper searched for him.

Dustin Henderson

Will, Mike, and Lucas met Dustin when he joined their school in the fourth grade, quickly becoming close friends. Dustin was determined to stay cool and collected while searching for the missing Will (unlike Mike and Lucas), as he realized that he needed to be level-headed​ if he wanted any chance of saving his friend.

Dustin wanted the group of kids to stick together no matter what, as he knew that together, they would make the most progress. He was devastated when he thought that Will was dead.

When Will reunites with Dustin, he returns Dustin’s hug and listens to everything Dustin tells him that he missed while he was gone such as Jennifer Hayes crying at his funeral.

Lucas Sinclair

As with Mike, Will had met and become friends with Lucas from an early age. Like Dustin and Mike, Lucas was determined to find Will, but Lucas became tired of both Mike and Dustin’s approaches to doing so.

He saw Eleven‘s presence as a distraction from finding Will, and he did not accept Dustin’s plea for them all to work together.

For a while, Lucas instead attempted to seek out Will on his own. He was devastated when he thought that Will was dead. When Will reunites with Lucas, he hugs Lucas and listens to everything that happened after he disappeared and how Lucas described their new friend, Eleven and how cool she was.

Max Mayfield

Will first met Max Mayfield when she was introduced to his class by Mr. Clarke. When the rest of his friends became curious about her being “MADMAX,” the mysterious video game player who had beaten Dustin’s high score on Dig Dug, Will agreed with Mike that she couldn’t be “MADMAX,” saying that girls don’t play video games.

However, when Dustin and Lucas confirmed their suspicions and Max joined them in trick-or-treating, Will did not seem to mind and allowed her to join the Party so Lucas and Dustin could be happy.

After Will became possessed by the Mind Flayer, Max helped the rest of his friends save him from his possession by burning the tunnels, inadvertently giving enough heat for the Mind Flayer to leave Will’s body.

Scott Clarke

Will and his friends had a great relationship with their school science teacher, Mr. Clarke. He was more than willing to help the boys further their interest in science, even purchasing a ham radio for them.

When Will went missing, Mr. Clarke joined the search party for Will, showing his care for him. Mr. Clarke likely saw Will as an exceptional student.

Mr. Clarke also helped the Party on multiple occasions in their quest to find out the truth about Will’s disappearance, although he was kept in the dark about most of the Party’s knowledge.

Troy and James

James and Troy often bullied Will and his friends. Due to his interests and small stature, they would call him demeaning names.

Even when he was missing, and later presumed dead, they continued making crude remarks about him, until Eleven scared them off. Will was even surprised to hear that Troy wet himself in front of the entire school while he was gone.

The Mind Flayer

In 1984, a year after Will’s rescue from the Upside Down, the Mind Flayer sought Will out as a vessel into the real world as Will had managed to become part of his hive-mind after the Demogorgon captured him.

A fragment of the Mind Flayer entered Will’s mind, gradually influencing him until it was able to fully subjugate his consciousness.

The Mind Flayer’s fragment was forcefully removed from Will’s mind by his mother, brother, and Nancy via hot surroundings and fire.

The time in which Will was bound to the Mind Flayer left him with a connection to the beast that allowed him to sense its presence a year later.

The Demogorgon

In 1983, a Demogorgon was the very creature that sent Will to the Upside Down. Will had to evade this beast for a week until his rescue. Many times he had come dangerously close to death at the monster’s hands.

When Will was finally captured by the monster, he was taken to its hideout where a vine was forced down his throat, causing him to be mentally linked to the Mind Flayer.

Noah Schnapp wiki

Who Plays Will Byers Character?

Noah Schnapp is a Canadian American actor. He was born on October 3, 2004. Noah gains his international popularity for portraying Will Byers in the science fiction-horror web series called stranger things.

His career started in 2015 when Bridge of Spies was released with him portraying Roger Donovan in the film.

His other acting roles include the voice of Charlie Brown in the animated film The Peanuts Movie and Roger Donovan in Steven Spielberg’s historical drama film Bridge of Spies.

Full NameNoah Cameron Schnapp
Birth DateOctober 3, 2004
Birth PlaceScarsdale, New York
Age15 years
Hight1.73 m
Skin ColorWhite

Schnapp was born in Scarsdale, New York. He is the son of Mitchell and Karine Schnapp. He has a twin sister named Chloe. Schnapp is Jewish, his family is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and thus he has Canadian citizenship.

Schnapp’s desire for acting started when he was about 5 years old after watching the Broadway production of Annie. He performed acting roles in school and community plays. When he was eight years old, his acting teacher suggested he go professional.

Schnapp’s parents enrolled him in an acting program at Westchester’s Star Kidz with coach Alyson Isbrandtsen who soon referred him to MKS&D Talent Management for career opportunities.

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